As a professional housekeeper, I bring my own equipment. Why? Because I know what works, and what doesn’t; what’s easy to work with and what is not. Here’s a rundown of my 10 must have cleaning tools.

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Cleaning tool #1

A Cleaning Caddy

Who doesn’t love a good organizing system? After all, you can’t use the tools if you can’t find them! Never have to run back and forth for each little thing when you make your “toolbox” portable.

Some prefer a smaller caddy in each bathroom, and one for the kitchen instead of carrying items from one room to another. Others prefer to keep it simple and have just the one. Good news, homeowner/renter, the choice is yours!

I use one that allows me the space to store my natural cleaning products, a toilet brush (that is stored inside a cup to isolate it from the other tools, of course), a spray bottle, another cup that holds my smaller tools, and bags of stainless steel pads.

What I use both at home and for my cleaning business:

Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy for Cleaning Products, Spray Bottles, Sports/Water Bottles, and Postmates/Uber Eats Drivers, Black (FG315488BLA)

Cleaning tool #2

Quality microfiber cloths

If you are not already a convert, this is the best cleaning tool since soap! They are great for dusting and cleaning, and wash up well.

Make sure you don’t use fabric softener when cleaning them, as it gums up the fibers and keeps them from doing their best work.

ACA Knuckle Buster Microfiber Towel – Red – 12 pack

Cleaning tool #3

A mop that works with you

So take that microfiber goodness (above), and make it into a mop. Viola, tried and true floor cleaning goodness!

I have had three different versions of a spinning microfiber mop in my career as a housekeeper. They all use interchangeable mop heads that could be thrown in the washer and dryer (sigh…I LOVE this feature), and the cleaning quality was the same.

What does my favorite have that the others did not?

The one I use now has a bucket that features stronger walls than the first one I tried, which keeps the water in the bucket while moving it. It also allows for a more controlled emptying experience than my second purchase. Additionally, the stainless steel basket lifts out so you can clean the bucket when you are finished.

Yes, it doesn’t roll. However, it is not such a huge pail of water that you cannot reasonably carry it from one room to another. The lack of wheels on the bottom also makes it easier to store, which is a bigger deal to me than being able to kick it across a floor (think water sploshing as it rolls…. trust me on this one).

My favorite part, though, is the ergonomics. Unlike the handles on the other two I have tried, this one has the ability to extend far enough that even taller people (I am 5’7″, and I don’t even use it fully extended) can enjoy the luxury of mopping without stooping over. If you have larger areas to mop or if you clean houses for others, I would strongly recommend this mop for the ergonomics alone. For any sized floor, this is a great mop. It has the feel of industrial usage without taking up excessive storage space when not in use.

My favorite (by a landslide):

oshang EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket – Hand-Free Wringing Floor Cleaning Mop – 2 Washable & Reusable Microfiber Mop Heads Included – Wet or Dry Usage on Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Stone

Cleaning tool #4

A good vacuum that makes using the tools easy

As a professional housekeeper, I started by using my clients’ vacuum cleaners. It did not take long, however, to see which vacuum was superior. Some spent a thousand or more on theirs, but I practically needed a manual just to use the hose attachment. Additionally, it was a back breaker. Try vacuuming a large staircase (or multiple staircases in a day) with a 23 pound vacuum! You’ll quickly be looking for a quality replacement that is more lightweight.

My favorite, by far, was a Shark brand vacuum owned by a client. Never having used it before, I found the attachments intuitive to use and so handy that if I saw a crevice that needed a little extra love, I could take care of it right then and there.

So I bought one of my own to take with me everywhere I clean.

I was in love… Well, as much as you can love a vacuum. I have had it for well over a year, cleaning multiple client’s homes as well as my own, and it has gone the distance. Animal fur is easily picked up and it does a good job on bare floors, too. In fact, I use it instead of a dustpan, so all the little bits get themselves gone. Dust bunnies, too, are gobbled up quickly.

All around my favorite power tool…ever!

Shark NV60 Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum, Red

I call it Daddy Shark, as I also have a slightly smaller version I call Momma Shark and a hand held I use from time to time for stairways…. you guessed it, Baby Shark. And every time I use it, that song gets in my head.

Seriously, still worth it!

Cleaning tool #5


A wonderful tool to help keep mold and mildew from forming in the shower, as it cleans off water in a swipe! Just use it after each shower, and your weekly cleaning will require much less scrubbing. Between showers, too, your surround will be water spot free!

OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

Cleaning tool #6

Dust mop

I prefer a dust mop over a broom for most jobs, as it captures more dust bunnies than it displaces. Mine has multiple covers so I can throw them in the washer between uses.

Get yours here:

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop, Red, Blue

Cleaning tool #7

Toilet brush

A toilet brush is a toilet brush, right? Not so much.

The under rim brush on this one really powers through the buildup under the rim of the toilet, especially if it is sometimes longer than you’d like between cleanings.

I particularly like this this combo for my own bathrooms. Not only do both parts do the job, but any guests we have are easily able to get themselves out of an embarrassing situation without having to alert the rest of the dinner party of their predicament.

All this in one convenient and discreet package!

Great Value Bowl Brush Plunger & Caddy (1)

Cleaning tool #8

Spray bottle

The best spray bottles are able to be used at any angle. If you are using essential oils in your cleaning (don’t they smell AH-mazing!?!), go for the glass bottles.

This is a great pack – one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom.

2Packs Empty Amber Spray Bottle, 10oz/300ml 360┬░All-angle Spraying Refillable Water Mist Sprayer, Plastic Spray Bottle for Cleaning Solution, Hair Spray, House Plant, Ironing

Cleaning tool #9

Scrub brushes

Sometimes you just need an old toothbrush (like around the base of a toilet), and sometimes you need something with a little more umph. The stiffer bristles can really get in there and take care of business.

A little more umph found here:

OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set, Orange

A lot more umph found here:

OXO Good Grips All Purpose Scrub Brush

Cleaning tool #10

A reward for a job well done!

What’s better than the smell and feel of a clean house? A long soak in the clean tub to ease the muscles!

Congratulate yourself on having your cleaning act all together with this variety pack of sweet smelling bath soaks:

Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak Variety Set 3 Pack – Restless Nights, Aches & Pain, Stress & Tension (20oz Jars)

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