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Isn’t it wonderful to have the whole family together? I’m not talking just the ones that live with you (though this is a great thing, too), I’m talking the whole crazy lot of ’em!

Providing More Than Just Dinner

You’ve been there. Clean the house, cook the food, invite the Fabulous People. You know the ones…. they taught you how to tie your shoelaces, got rid of monsters under the bed and taught you how to live your life (ok, they tried). Add in the sibs and their kids… Fabulous People 2.0.

So the Fabs arrive; greetings are exchanged, clothes and/or new hair styles are complimented. You stand in the kitchen hoping no one will see you scrape char off the biscuits that burned while you were taking coats to the other room. The Fabs are catching up on the latest family doings. This one is asking opinions on where to find a good hammer, that one is deciding which private boarding school is best for their dog….

Out of nowhere, the topic changes to something of a serious nature. One of the Fabs starts a commentary on the advantages of asking a kid to get up and change the channel verses asking a smart speaker. Either way it’s a voice command after reciting the right name (tricky if you come from a big family). However, no smart speaker known today can do this task while offering a simultaneous eye roll. Clearly this breaks out into a debate on whether the lack of an eye roll is a feature or a bug. Final decision? The kids are better for the task (because who doesn’t love a good eye roll?), but the speaker is cheaper in the long run. Everyone agrees it is a matter of budget and personal interest.

By now, dinner is done, the burned hockey pucks that were supposed to be biscuits have been covertly fed to a now sleepy dog, and the dishes are headed for the kitchen.

Then there’s that awkward silence where people look at each other hoping they won’t be roped into something either boring or humiliating.

Here’s where we all need a little help. Below, a little help.

Fun Games for Family Dinner Night

In addition to the classics, I have pulled a few newer games that maybe your family hasn’t tried yet.

Click on the pictures to find out more:

Double Ditto is a 2016 Game of the Year, which allows us to find out which of the Fabs thinks like us. Or do we think like them? Either way, it’s a great way to find out who matches whom!

Can’t draw a stick figure right? Great, you’re on THEIR team! Going from writing to drawing and back, it’s a communication celebration of epic proportions.

This is a game meant for all generations of Fabs and Fabs-in-laws to get to know each other. The creators of this game made every effort to keep out questions that would dig up anything painful or embarrassing, so expect to enjoy yourself in this game meant for 10 years and above.

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2 Comments on “Fun Games for Family Dinner Night (and why you need them)

  1. Great blog, Deb! I am really enjoying it very much. I hope I am one of the “Fabs” and would love to do a game night soon.


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