Some of us are in a situation that allows us to choose to reconfigure our small space; knock out a wall here, add on there, according to how we live in the space. Others of us rent, and location trumps space design.

Either way, whatever space you may have is best put to the most versatile use possible. If you can make an office a spare bedroom (as is often done in smaller homes), or you can make your coffee table your dining room table, you get more usable options for the same amount of cleaning time!

No matter how big or small your space is, using it wisely makes all the difference! No need to run out and buy all new things to make a space feel less suffocating…even one transforming piece can make a small space live bigger, and a bigger space work better.

Look at the pieces you have and think about whether you can use them differently. Perhaps a small dresser can be a TV stand. Remove the top drawers and you have yourself a spot for your DVD player or audio components.

That same small dresser can make up for kitchen space if used in an eat in kitchen while using your coffee table as a dining table. Speaking of dining, that dresser could also end up the stand in for a buffet, holding your serving dishes and not-so-often used kitchen gadgets.

Once you’re done repurposing what you have, you may, however, find that you still need a little more help to make your space live better. Take a look at a few of the items I found on Amazon (think not having to haul these home!), that can help you make the most of your space.

So, with no further ado, here are a few ideas that can transform a tightly packed room into a comfortably transitional space to be enjoyed.

Please note that I use affiliate links at no further cost to you. I may, however, get a commission on things you purchase from these links. Please see my disclaimers for more information.

#1 – A Nightstand that doubles as a Desk

Available in a variety of three colors, this nightstand makes it happen. Sick in bed, but need to take care of a few things? How about breakfast in bed? Puzzles at dawn? No need to utilize a hospital like table, when you have this aesthetically pleasing all-in-one nightstand, workstation and dining platform!

#2 – Entry Drop Zone

Don’t have a real reception area in your small space? Missing that sought after coat closet near your front door? Give yourself a spot for all of your drop zone items without taking up a great deal of precious floor space!

#3 – Lift Top Coffee Table

The agony of having your laptop on your lap while sitting on the sofa, and ugh! The remote is out of reach. Even worse, hunching over the coffee table while trying to eat some pasta, so you don’t spill spaghetti sauce on the carpet. Not the most ergonomic of situations. Well, here’s the answer for you! I can tell you from experience, a lift-top coffee table takes your living or family room from a formal-ish – where everything has a place, to WOAH, a table for one or two facing the TV screen! Almost necessary when working puzzles, homework, or typing from the sofa, this can save a hunching back while being a cool transformation piece!

#4 – Dining Room To Go or To Stay

A kitchen island that doubles as a dining table with drawers to store your linens, this transformer can be moved to the most convenient place in your space easily. Dinner party, coming right up! Just wheel it to the middle of your living room, use your bluetooth speaker for some background music, and viola! Complete the look with a small tablecloth and a candle in the middle of the table, and you have an intimate dining space ready for intriguing conversations and amazing food!

#5 -Guest Bed In a Box

Perfect for an apartment and not nearly as tall as a traditional murphy bed, this bed in a box contains a queen sized mattress without the bars often found in a fold out sofa! No more worrying about a leaking air mattress or a rolling cot, this Murphy bed in a box is a wonderful way to give your guests a good night sleep. After all, a guest with a good night’s sleep is a joy – without it, not so much! This one even comes fully assembled for your convenience.

#6 – More Closet Space!

Who couldn’t use a little extra closet space, especially if you live in an older building? This is a great little closet which has a way of not only organizing your wardrobe, but also of keeping the room from feeling cluttered by closing the integrated curtains. Easily assembled without tools, this addition to your small space gives large storage options.

Putting it All Together

Combining the new and the old works best when treating each piece in a room like it’s new – looking at it from a fresh perspective as to location and function.

Some of my most useful pieces are those I have stolen from other rooms of the house – a vanity made from a TV tray from the living room, a bookcase turned art storage or linen closet. The more creatively we think about what we have, the less we need to clutter our lives with unnecessary space stealers. And that, after all, is the goal in a small space – to have room for comfort and function while keeping it stylish!


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