Has your TO-DO list become so long that you don’t even know where to start? Here’s a helpful list of 25 things that each take 5 minutes or less, so you can get to scratching them off with less anxiety and more momentum!

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  1. Water the plants
  2. Load the dishwasher and let it do the rest for you
  3. Throw a load of clothes in the washer
  4. Switch them to the dryer
  5. Fold one load of clothes or towels
  6. Make your bed
  7. Clean the toilet
  8. Clean the tub/shower
  9. Clean the bathroom sink and mirror
  10. Unload the dishwasher
  11. Throw a roast in the slow cooker for dinner
  12. Empty all garbage cans
  13. Sweep the kitchen
  14. Wipe down the front door (especially if it has glass)
  15. Wipe down all of the door handles and light switches
  16. Straighten the pillows and fold the blankets in the living/family room
  17. Make a doctor’s appointment
  18. Invite a friend or extended family member to dinner (use text or it may take longer than five minutes)
  19. Replace the furnace filter
  20. Brush the dog or cat
  21. Shake out the throw rugs
  22. Dust one or two rooms
  23. Make a shopping list
  24. Make a fruit infused water bottle to keep with you throughout the day
  25. Write a thank you card

This list could go on, allowing you to really do some calorie burns, but then you would need to add the reading of this list to your list, and well, who has time for that?!?

Scratch them off the list!

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